History being made

Watching these amazing Olympians perform is not only fun because we get to watch excellence but also because some of these athletes are creating history

From the first Asian-American ice dancers to medal, to the 17 year old snow boarder who gets gold, to the Canadian figure skaters who are now the most decorated, and to the speed skaters breaking all new Olympic and world records.

It’s amazing that we get to see these athletes accomplish such great feats

Watching it live (or at least in my case, a few hours AFTER) is so much more different than watching it a few years down the road on YouTube

It’s the same reason I always wished I was able to see Michael Jordan play in the NBA

Enjoy and revel in these excellent athletes

Appreciate the history being created in our era

But also be aware that We are also a small part of it

We are all a small part of history

Make sure you are happy with what type of history you create

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 53: I am grateful for instant ramen!!!

Magic Day 22: ugh I feel so bad because I have been slacking recently

This challenge is a lot harder than I thought it would be because 1) I’ve been rejected a couple of times 2) after long days, it is very tiring to do magic and 3) sometimes I go through the whole day without realizing I forgot to do magic!

I promise to finish strong in last few days

And promise to make my March challenge more consistent



Everyone feels nostalgic

We miss the old

Our childhood

The “good old days”

The safety days

When everything was familiar

When your friend groups weren’t torn apart

And you could go to the same restaurant every weekend with the same group of friends.

But maybe now you’ve “grown up”

Maybe you live halfway across the world

or maybe you’ve just forgotten a bit.

Old friends became strangers

Maybe even worse than strangers

And Strangers are now becoming new friends

But inevitably, you will feel nostalgic

You will miss what once was…

And when you feel that nostalgia coming

It’s okay to feel it

It’s okay to reminisce

And if you can, it’s okay to message your old friends

And ask them how they are doing

I’ve decided to make my challenge for March to message 1 person I don’t regularly talk to anymore everyday

Grateful Day 52: I am grateful for money

Magic Day 21: Oh boy did I get rejected today…

It was so awkward I don’t even want to talk about it.

Moral of the lesson though? Life goes on. Embarrassment is always funny after the fact.

If you aren’t embarrassing yourself once and a while, are you really living life? It’s good to be weird and awkward once a while… And it’s even better when you learn to laugh at yourself too.

P.S. I also tripped on flat ground again today. It’s honestly starting to become a habit.


I miss my mom

After you graduate from college or move away from home, you will have already spent roughly ~80% of the time you will spend with your parents

That is a very scary thing to think

The day we millennials (or Z generation) officially move out from home will definitely be a momentous step forward to adulthood

But adulthood doesn’t mean you have to forget about the adults who are so important to you

I am going to make sure I make the best out of that next 20%

Grateful Day 51: I am grateful for my parents

Magic Day 20:

I love performing magic for people who are just as fascinated about it as I am. Back at home, I would consistently get reactions of screams or yelling. One time, I had someone get up and run away screaming “He’s the devil!!!” Quite an aggressive reaction if you ask me…

Performing magic in Singapore is definitely a drastically different experience

The culture here is evidently more reserved. As I mentioned before, many people are generally a bit shook by a stranger approaching them

Instead of running away and yelling insults to me (which is apparently a way of paradoxically complimenting someone in North America), a “good” reaction will simply be a quick gasp and look of confusion. (Younger women will also cover their mouths. I don’t know why)

Despite the fact that I don’t get similar reactions of screaming and yelling, I can still see that people enjoy my magic.

After all, just because there is a cultural difference, what connects all of us is that we all have the same curiosity and wonder as humans, and I am glad that magic has taught me to understand this.

Everything Hurts

Everything hurts…but I know I will only gain more endurance after more Muay Thai sessions

Muscle builds only after you break it down

You only get stronger after going through stress, be it mental or physical

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 50: I am grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills

Magic Day 19: I arrived at the MMA gym today right as the little kids sessions were finishing up.

Maybe 10~ kids surrounded me to watch me perform

This little girl named Laura, 8, was extremely enthusiastic. She was from Croatia but started learning Chinese since moving to Singapore! Bilingual people who speak a language outside of their culture always amazes me

Their ages ranged from 3-8, and man were some of those 3 year olds cute as they basically crawled on top of me. Managing several kids is hard–trying to do magic at the same time is harder.

Subtle Humor

“Elbows next,” my Muay Thai instructor said,

“Wait, what? Already?” I responded, almost incredulous at how fast we were progressing

“Why, you scared?”

“Ya a little bit”

“It’s okay. Me too!”

“Wait, what?”

His simple comment did make both of us chuckle and loosen up a bit. I mean, when your instructor, who started Muay Thai when he was 9 years old and is considered the best pound-for-pound fighter, with over 300+ fights and over 80% win rate, tells you he is afraid of elbow strikes too, you are almost obliged to laugh a little. He did emphasize a lot that it is very important to stay loose while practicing Muay Thai, so I am glad that he was so chill.

And then I elbowed him right in the face

Just kidding. He was holding protective pads.

But his subtle humor made the session so much more enjoyable, lax, and stress-free

The subtle things in life are sometimes the most important

If you can notice the subtleties, the nuances of life, then you are showing your carefulness.

It’s about paying attention when you need to so you can notice small differences and be meticulous.

It’s the difference between noticing your friend is slightly off today and might need some space, to noticing a friend who feels a bit down and could use your support, even if they say “I am fine.”

It’s making sure you are in the present moment so that when your instructor makes a sly comment of just four words–but perfectly timed– you are able to catch on to his subtle humor.

By the way [hypothetical wife], I did notice something different with your hair today! It looks nice.

Don’t forget the subtle.

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 49: I am grateful for how great it feels to be physically active

Magic Day 18: Okay. This one is on me. I totally could have performed some magic at the MMA gym, but I didn’t have anything on me! I packed light and was out the whole day. And although the day is technically not over, I don’t feel too keen on going out at 11PM to search for a potential audience. Besides, I am in my pajamas already.

I need to be better !!!


What Will I Amount To?

I’ve spent the past year consuming so much knowledge…

Listening to podcasts

Reading more books in 1 year than I have in all of High School

Studying mentors, like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Vinh Giang

And I’ve always thought to myself whether or not I could one day become one of the people that I admire so much.

I’ve also wondered whether or not those inspirational and successful people knew that they would one day become who they are now.

And the answer is probably no.

No matter how successful a person is, I am pretty sure they cannot call themselves clairvoyant.

Maybe the key is to not think too much.

Maybe the key is to just consistently do good work.

Like Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit”

I suppose one positive habit I can confidently say I have is that I write every day.

And even if that is all I eventually amount to, I’ll still be happy. Because at least I’ll have something in common with Seth Godin & my business professor. 🙂

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 48: I am grateful for coffee.

Magic Day 17: I am again sitting in a Starbucks today. The day is still young but I do plan on performing to someone here like I have many times before.


Time to Start Talking

Two days ago I wrote a post about knowing when to speak and knowing when to be silent.

Right now is not the time to be silent

Right now is the time to act and start talking

Being 16 hours ahead of America makes receiving news a bit weird…

But I still woke up yesterday to the tragic news about the Florida incident.

17 dead. 20 injured.

17 dead. 20 injured.

17 dead. 20 injured.

17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead.

That’s more than the people in my cohort at Singapore

That’s more people than I can call my true friends

That’s 17 more than how many people should have passed away to the hands of that shooter…

It felt just like yesterday that I heard about the Vegas incident, and I was checking up on a fellow magician who currently lives there.

I still remember Orlando and how hurt and indignant my gay acting teacher felt, and how he asked us to please change the world for the next generations…

I wish I had the power to do something physically, but I don’t know how, and so I choose to write. And maybe that isn’t the most I could do, but it is still something…

Right now is the time to talk about solutions, to act in whatever way you can, to discuss the future and how we can prevent these tragedies.

Right now is the time to speak about what we care about, not ignore this event because it is easier to put it in the background.

Those 17 people die a second time when we fail to talk about their deaths. They die a second time when we fail to change.

Please stay safe out there everyone.

Sending love from Singapore.

Update: I have donated to the GoFundMe Stoneman Douglas Victim’s Fund that supports those affected by the shooting. If you would like to do the same, click here

Update #2: I don’t really like to talk too much politics about America, partly because I am not American, and partly because I don’t want to enforce my opinions. Jimmy Kimmel, one of my favorite TV show hosts, explains it really well in his recent video regarding this topic. Please take a look. I will let Kimmel speak politics for me.

Grateful Day 47: I am grateful for every day that I am able to sit down and write down my thoughts

Magic Day 16: I did magic at a Starbucks today.