Clean Buddha or Outstanding man?

[Daily Blog Post #262]


That’s how I wrote my Chinese name since forever

It is read as “Jie Fo” which literally sounds like “Jeff” in Chinese

But what I didn’t know is that my name technically means “Clean Buddha”

If I pronounce it with a different tone though, Jie Fu can be 杰夫 which means “outstanding man”, which would be much more appropriate for a Chinese name (most Chinese names have a meaning of praise)

Or I guess I can be a clean man, or outstanding Buddha.

Either way, I think it’s funny, but I don’t think I will change it.

Just like how “My name Jeff”. And I won’t ever change that either…


I miss these things…

[Daily Blog Post #262]

I miss my friends. You know who you are.

I miss my dog. Apparently, he has been sniffing the couch, expecting to find a couch potato. (That’s me!)

I miss late night 2 AM Netflix binges.

I miss my sister.

I miss the feeling of falling in love.

I miss the childhood innocence.

Everything feels so consequential. When did life become so serious?

Today, I realized how different I am from a lot of people.

It’s just weird sometimes when I am sitting at the table, eating dinner with my friends, and they are talking about the Kardashians. In my head, all I am thinking about is how did Britain own all of North America, much of Africa, Hong Kong, and so many other colonies, and ended up losing it all? Or why is a tipping culture not a thing in China? Or how does real estate and “owning” land work? Who did you buy that land from? But how did those people get the land in the first place? How do you “own” something that doesn’t even belong to us in the first place? Do people own rivers and oceans?

Emotion will always be a weird subject to tackle. When you feel like no one understands you, it’s a hard emotion to handle. The mind is so much more beautiful. Everything can be real, or imaginary up there.

It’s always great to find someone with a beautiful mind and personality. Those are the type of people I end up missing.



I like to stay in

[Daily Blog Post #261]

I like to stay in.

My closest friends know that I am a closeted introvert.

A Good Friday night to me is lying in bed, eating some delivery food, and watching some “The Office” reruns on Netflix.

Some people like to go out.

My roommate went to a rooftop bar tonight, on a work night. We have to be at work tomorrow at 9 AM

To me, I’d rather stay in, write my blog post, read my book, and get a good 8 hours of rest.

I like to stay in even though my friends like to go out.

I think one of the worst things you can do is to conform to society. Everyone is always telling you to be your own person.

If you want to stay in, just stay in. If you want to go out, go out. Don’t explain yourself to other people.

Thinking in Chinese

[Daily Blog Post #260]

They say that if you can think in a language, then you are considered fluent/conversational in that language.

The issue is for me though is that I have to consciously think in Chinese. I can do it, but it just isn’t as natural. And sometimes, I can’t convey the level of depth as I normally can when I think in English.

How many years does it take to become fully mastered in a subject area?

How many magic tricks do I need to perform before I can think like a magician?

How many economies do I have to study to understand the way people think and make decisions?

How many stocks do I need to purchase before I can pick with accuracy successors and failures?

I think the key is to get to the point where it becomes natural. Whether it be talking about markets, or economy, or make-up, or basketball, or speaking Japanese, if it is natural for you, if you are able to think in that language, then you are fluent.




Find your own value

[Daily Blog Post #259]

Today we went to the fake shopping market.

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Yeezys.

All fake items, and everything was up for bargain.

Some of my friends purchased fake Louis Vuitton bags, while I slightly overpaid for a regular black belt (no brand) because I needed a belt.

My friend thought I overpaid, while I in turn thought they overpaid for fake luxury bags.

Yet both of us willingly exchanged money for perceived value. I purchased functionality and they purchased brand value.

At night, we saw an acrobatics show and I was thoroughly amazed. The ticket was only $50 USD and I thought that i received double the value. Some of the stunts were one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen; it was all America’s got talent worthy. Yet, I overheard some of my classmates say that they didn’t think the show was worth $50 USD, and although I disagreed, I had to respect their thought process.

I think it’s important to allow each other to find value in life in our own way. Just like I pay hundreds of dollars for some playing cards, other people would pay the same amount for a watch, or T-shirt that says “Supreme”

There’s value in everything but it’s important to find it yourself.

You need to decide how much you are willing to pay.

Zhu Jia Jiao: Try new things when you are in a new world

[Daily Blog Post #258]

What’s the point of being scared to try new things?

It’s my first time being in Shanghai, and I probably won’t be back here for at least a few more years.

Today, we went to Zhu Jia Jiao, which is like a more suburb, a river town, outside of Shanghai. The Asian Venice.

The buildings all had at least two floors, which used to be homes. Now, because the town has become commercialized for tourism, the first floors of all the buildings turned into open shops and restaurants, and the second floors turned into restaurants as well, while some remained as living spaces.

Right away, I knew I wanted to experience the new culture as much as I could. So I tried all the weird foods. I explored as much as I could. And I asked people questions about their backgrounds and their stories.

We tried stinky tofu. And yes, it was really stinky, but it tasted much better than it smelled

Stinky Tofu.jpg

Ate scorpion (and other weird stuff)

Werid bugs to eat.jpg

Had these small fish cleanse out feet and eat the dead skin

Fish Feet.jpg

I saw cute dogs, sleeping on the streets

Cute dog.jpg

Street art

Street art girl on bike.jpg

We walked for hours in these narrow streets that were filled with shops on both sides, seemingly unending.


And here is a nice panoramic view on one of the tall bridges to cap it all off

Panoramic view.jpg

Uncertainty brings opportunity

[Daily Blog Post #257]

When you are uncertain, you know you are on to something that is potentially a great opportunity.

No entrepreneur goes into business thinking they are certain to succeed. It’s why many of them fail before they hit the jackpot.

New concepts are always uncertain, whether it be blockchain & cryptocurrency, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, or gene editing.

When Tesla first started building state of the art electric cars, no one was certain whether there would be a market.

Did UBER know that people would willingly get into personal non-taxi cars, and whether or not there would be even people out there willing to drive random people in their own car?

Uncertainty is scary. But it also grants opportunity.

No one achieves anything great by playing it safe.