There’s always two sides

“10 reasons why you should be vegan”

“10 reasons why humans need to eat meat”

“7 tips on waking up early”

“Being a night owl can be productive”

“How to speed read”

“How to enjoy your book”

“Houston Rockets fan, or Golden State Warriors fan?”

Everything has (at least) two sides.

There are two sides to every opinion.

Two sides to every competition, argument, conversation.

Yes, maybe you chose one side and you think you are right, but remember: that’s probably what the other side is also thinking.


Meeting my idol

Last night, I met David Blaine.

I shook his hand, and immediately told him how much of an inspiration he was to me:

“Thank you for all you’ve done for the magic community. I started magic because of you”

“Wow. Thank you.”

I’ve only met a few of my “idols” in person, but it is always refreshing to know how down-to-earth and humble they are.

David Blaine asked every single person in the VIP guest room if they wanted individual photos with him.

Every audience member he asked to join him on stage, David ushered them to “be careful while coming up, there are a lot of wires on stage”

He made jokes, he was fun, he was nice.

He entered the stage through the audience, surprising everyone who suddenly saw him walking right in front of them.

I’ve been watching David Blaine since I was 13.

I’ve owned over 50 of his playing cards, several signed, and many are unopened collectibles.

I’ve studied his videos dating back 20+ years, and I’ve practiced many of his tricks.

David Blaine is the epitome of a great magician because he truly makes the world believe that the impossible can be done.

Watching him do it live this time was just so much more amazing.

“No insurance company would insure me for this act…”

David Blaine


How do we determine milestones?


This is blog post #200

Am I now meant to rejoice and celebrate? Throw glitter into the air? Shall I summon jubilant cheers and chant that I’ve managed to do this for 200 days straight?

How do we determine milestones?

I’ve often felt that reaching these fixed goals doesn’t feel as special as regular posts.

Will blog post #1000 feel any better? That’s over 2 years from now.

I dropped ~15 pounds since last year, and I don’t feel any different. Should I?

Blog post #351 shouldn’t feel any different from blog post #1000.

Every boxing session I did in Singapore wasn’t any different than the last.

But the thing is, completing it, hitting “post” every day, that feeling of accomplishment in itself is enough for me.

I don’t need post #200 to feel extra special, because every post feels special to me.

That’s how we maintain sustainability.

How we maintain relationships, by making every interaction special.

How we stay in love with our hobbies and passions.

How we decide what type of career we want, because every day is not a chore, but instead you look forward to work.

I look forward to my #1000th blog post, not because #1000 is a big milestone, but because that means I have 800 more blog posts to look forward to when I hit “post”

Look forward to living every day.

Ready to hit “post”?







Checking in

Just landed in Tokyo after my 8-hour flight

Hopping on a 9-hour flight to Vancouver in about 2 hours.

But since when did airplanes get in-flight WiFi?

When did self-driving cars become a thing?

I used to have a flip phone and I don’t remember when the smartphone phase even happened.

It’s kind of crazy how some things happen in just a blur. Do we not pay attention? Or are we too busy being a part of the revolution?

Hopefully the next 11 hours is also one.

The Final Stretch

If you go to university away from home after high school, you will have spent ~85% of the days you will ever spend with their parents.

Up until you are 18, you spend nearly every day seeing your parents. Subtract a few days during high school where you might go on vacations or school program retreats, that’s roughly 6400 days.

Optimistically, my parents will live till they are 90, which means I’ll be about 60.

Since going off to university, I’ll be spending roughly 60 days every year now with my parents until I graduate, so that’s another 240 days.

Presumably, that drops to 20 days after I graduate and get a full-time job. So from the ages 22-60, (38 years), I’ll have 20*38 = 760 days.

In total, because I am 18 right now, I have roughly ~1000 days left to spend with my parents, roughly 3 years worth of time before I went off to university. That means I’ve spent 6400/7400 = 86.5% of my total days with my parents up till now.

I am now in my final stretch of ~15% of my time with my parents.

That time is dramatically even lower with my high school friends because I don’t see them every day when I come home.

I think it is important to reflect on how precious my remaining time is with my family and friends before I come home, because really, this time truly is precious, and I want to make sure I make the most out of it.

So to those who are also heading home after finals season is wrapping up, I hope you take some time to reflect on your final stretch of 15%.

Good Luck.




picking up photography

Yesterday my dad arrived in Singapore to spend 3 days with me before I fly home.

He gifted me a Canon Camera (at my request) and today I started messing around with it.

Much like with learning any new skill, I quickly was introduced to a myriad of photography terminology which I had no grasp of: rule of thirds, ISO, shutter speed, aperture.

Apparently, the camera I have is a point and shoot, while DSLR is a more professional type of camera.

In the end, I brushed all the educational articles and videos away…for now

I’ll eventually learn them, but right now, I think I need to go through the confusion phase—where I learn by myself through test and failure.

If you were handed a guidebook every time you tried to do something new, then the authentic experience of trying new things disappears a little.

In a world where knowledge is power, sometimes its good to gain that knowledge on your own.

Here are some of my shots from today (at Singapore Safari)

IMG_1246 (2).JPGIMG_1278 (2).JPGIMG_1269 (2).JPGIMG_1253 (2).JPG