Losing habits

I love traveling but it’s quite difficult to keep up with my usual habits

My daily blog has taken a hit

And I haven’t been able to find time to meditate

Habits are difficult to keep up when you are thrown out of your natural environment

And it’s also a test for me to continue practicing them


Attractive people are not happier in the long term

If you become more attractive you will be happier… in the short term

That might be a few weeks to months or maybe even a few years

But over time, research studies have shown that attractive people are not any more or less happy than “regular” people

Of course it’s all arbitrary

Which is exactly the point

It doesn’t matter because happiness is never external

Find your own internal happiness

Lost in Japan

Plato said our mind was like a chariot

We hold the reigns and are being pulled along by a dark horse and a white horse

The dark pulling us deeper into our vanities and our white horse representing our purse aspects of life

The flaw was that it implied we hold the reigns and we hold the power to our mind

But I can think about why it would be better for me to get up at 5 AM and exercise but that doesn’t mean the horses will actually listen

It’s more like we are riders on top of an elephant

The elephant has the final say regardless of what the rider (we) think

So when we are lost, it’s important to remember this

It’s not about control

Because we don’t have control

It’s about making peace with the elephant and taking our own sensations

Be friends with the elephant

Be at peace with the mind

too much information

We are in the age of data and information

Too much information

Too many stories to tell

Too much data to share

Every book about happiness is derived from existing content

Quotes from ancient philosophers

So many we are too busy creating content, and searching for new ideas for how to live life, that we fail to realize that information overload has clouded our judgment

Plato wanted to be happy just as you and I want to be happy. Thankfully, Plato already wrote on happiness.

Summer travels

Tomorrow I go to Japan for a week

Then Korea for a week

Then I will be spending 7 weeks in Hong Kong, where I will work a full-time internship at Convoy Financial Group as well as study China economics

I will also be finding time to do weekend trips; hopefully I will be able to go back to Singapore, China, and potentially visit Vietnam

Before I turned 18 I had gone to three countries: Canada, USA, and China

Since then I’ve been to 12, and counting

I’ve fallen in love with traveling because it makes me realize how much bigger the world is

If my life dream is to “help the world” I think I need to see it first

Biggest risk

The biggest risk we must be aware of in life is attacking long-term risks with short-term solutions

Instead of doing the due diligence to prepare yourself for the future, it’s easy to instead focus on the short-term without a horizon planning

McDonalds is great in the short-term

Taking a nap or watching Netflix instead of addressing your responsibilities

Or perhaps delaying your passions with a short-term distraction

Don’t forget that we are all building towards our death

So at least build something pretty