New Year’s Resolutions: 2018

In yesterday’s post, I talked about holding yourself accountable and by taking responsibility in your own life will give you power.

This blog post is dedicated to my goals for 2018 and will also hold me accountable to work towards achieving them. Although this post is more for me to visualize and organize my thoughts, feel free to examine my goals and make a list of your own if you feel inspired.

Weekly Goals:

  • Begin Mindmapping every Sunday (organizing thoughts, planning daily/weekly goals, recalibrate life)
  • Meditate AT LEAST every Friday, and throughout the week when possible

January 2018 Goals:

  • Gratitude month: End every daily post with a simple comment of gratitude.

6 Month Goals – June 2018: 

  • 100 followers on Blog (at 25!)
  • Perform stage magic again for at least 100+ people (I have no idea how I will top performing at The View in 2017 though…Does Jimmy Kimmel read this blog?)
  • Read 10 Books
  • Finish freshman year with GPA 3.80+
  • Obtain 20% gains on investments (excluding cryptocurrency)

12 Month Goals – December 2018: 

  • 200 followers on Blog
  • Do another inspirational talk / Ted Talk  (at least one)
  • Read 20 Books
  • Blog for 1 year straight
  • Go to Japan alone (or some other foreign place) and learn independence
  • Obtain 40% gains on investments (excluding cryptocurrency)
  • Meet Adam Grant

Will revisit these notes periodically throughout the year.

Good luck and hope everyone has a great new year!



Being Held Accountable: New Year’s Resolutions

“With great power comes great responsibility”

“But with great responsibility also comes great power.”

Hold yourself accountable for the things you “promised” to do, or the things you need to do, and even the things you should do.

The reason most people’s new year’s resolutions fail in an average of 3 weeks is that people don’t hold themselves accountable for the goals they set. If you treat your goals as a responsibility, you give yourself more power and discipline to pursue them.

Sharing your goals with other people, close friends and family, is an easy and simple way to hold yourself accountable for the goals you set.

Here is some advice to setting new year’s resolutions for everyone tomorrow:

  1. Be specific:
    • A goal to exercise 5 times a week is too vague and will be hard to keep, and once you fail one week, you give up entirely. Instead, make an organized plan to exercise consistently every Monday and Friday in the morning, and Wednesday at night.
  2. Accountability:
    • Hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals and achieve them with other peers. Another idea is to put it on paper and hang it somewhere you can see to remind yourself of your resolutions.
  3. Be reasonable, but don’t aim too low.
  4. Incremental goals:
    • Don’t just set goals for 2018, but also set incremental goals so you can update yourself along the way. Make goals for January 2018, and 3-month goals, and 6-month goals. This way you can check up on your progress. Trying to predict what you want to accomplish in the whole year of 2018 is too hard; break it up into increments and slowly build them up to the ultimate goals.
    • I plan to do daily goals as well as monthly goals.
  5. Have fun!
    • Make some of your goals fun… after all, they should be things you want to achieve!
    • One of my goals of 2018 is to learn the choreography of one dance song… So I can at some opportune moment, when that particular song plays at a party, I can surprise everyone with my sick moves…No I am not joking.


Good Luck.




No-Man’s Land

Yesterday I wrote a poem about chasing the horizon

And if you chase it too far, you end up in no-man’s land (or no man’s ocean in the poem)

Stranded and alone… Truly, no one wants to be here

But this is where you can accomplish great things

Successful people in their fields pave their own path and it often means going on that journey alone.

If you are passionate about something and want to be great, then you don’t follow the crowd, you seek the land where no one else has discovered

In basketball, no-man’s land exists only in one area: the free throw line.

Everything else during the game is team based, but on the free-throw line is when you are truly alone, where you have the complete individual power to make or break the game when it comes down to the wire.

If you can survive through it, this is where innovation, creativity, leadership, individuality, and character is built and found…

Just tread carefully, because it can get lonely there.

Good Luck.





Chasing the Horizon

I felt like writing a poem today. Now, I am by no means a poet, but I do enjoy reading poetry, watching spoken poetry, and yes, occasionally writing it. This poem is about focusing on the progress and the process (#Trust the Process). Sometimes we dwell too much on a certain goal, that we forget how far we’ve gone. The end goal is not the most important thing; it’s good to reflect on our progress. Enjoy!

Chasing the Horizon

you are a sailor

look across the ocean

what do you see?

a beautiful horizon… the sun is at its apex, the ocean glows from the rays

the horizon’s beauty is unparalleled and so…you decide to chase it

you prepare your things: food, clothes, and a perfect book to kill time

you set sail to chase the horizon


hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, then years have passed

yet you are nowhere near your goal… nowhere near the end…the horizon, still only in the distance, still only a dream

surrounded by nothing but the ocean

now you are stuck, stranded, in no-man’s land, or no-man’s ocean…

distraught and struck with failure that the horizon escapes your grasps.

you wish that someone had told you that no matter how hard you try, you will never reach that goal, that it’s impossible to catch the horizon, and that those sailors who chase it are those who end up alone, distraught like you are right now

the sun sets and you decide to look back to where you started

looked back to where you set off on this journey

finally, you looked back…


they say one person can create a ripple and change the world

but yet you somehow created thousands of ripples and failed to see it

you failed to see the distances traveled, and the memories you fabricated while on this journey

all the progress you’ve made, and all the ripples you created

you failed to see because you only saw the horizon

the horizon may be beautiful….but you can’t chase it

instead, look back and see how far you’ve gone in life

look at the progress

marvel at your discipline

enjoy the sun from a distance; it’s more beautiful that way

admire the horizon…don’t chase it

keep creating those ripples

Good Luck.










Things I’ve been pondering:

Did you know that to be in the top 1% in the world in terms of income, you need to earn about $32,000 a year?

Chinese people will not exist at some point in the future… as in, there will not be a single person who is genetically ONE race… everyone will be mixed races.

Reading an autobiography is like literally reading into someone else’s mind and learning about their life. Actually, reading any book is sort of like that.

Japanese people eat KFC for Christmas because that’s what they think America / Westerners eat… This is all due to a very successful marketing scheme by KFC in the 70’s and is now a common practice still to this day.

Funny news story: Woman gets $284 billion electric bill, wonders whether it’s her Christmas lights

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Have a great rest of winter holidays.

Chair-ish? vs. Cherish

This post is a response to a one-word prompt from The Daily Post Blog.

The word: chair-ish.

What a weird prompt…

Actually, I think the word was cherish, but does it really matter?

I mean, if you said either of those words out loud, no one would be the wiser; they sound the same!

They may sound the same but they do mean completely different things. One means to hold and savor, or to love; the other one is used to describe someone or something as having the qualities of a chair and is also not a real word. (at least to my knowledge)

So yes. It does matter. The difference is subtle but crucial.

It’s easy to overlook small things like this…If you ignore this nuance, then you essentially fail to realize what the prompt or concept being relayed truly is. Don’t overlook the nuances of life. but also make sure you emphasize the importance of nuance. Details matter, which is why people always say to read the fine print.

If you fail to see these nuances, you might miss a huge detail in the fine print, or put the decimal place in the wrong spot and you end up with $100.00 and not $100000, or you might be like me and mistake chair-ish for cherish.

If you can find happiness and appreciate the small things in life, then I think you have delved into a whole other universe of looking at life…A simple smile and genuine compliment can brighten your day. A family dinner where everyone has their phone put away is a simple but big difference.

Cherish the nuances of life.

Good Luck.Alera Fraze High-Back Swivel Tilt Chair.jpg