Chair-ish? vs. Cherish

This post is a response to a one-word prompt from The Daily Post Blog.

The word: chair-ish.

What a weird prompt…

Actually, I think the word was cherish, but does it really matter?

I mean, if you said either of those words out loud, no one would be the wiser; they sound the same!

They may sound the same but they do mean completely different things. One means to hold and savor, or to love; the other one is used to describe someone or something as having the qualities of a chair and is also not a real word. (at least to my knowledge)

So yes. It does matter. The difference is subtle but crucial.

It’s easy to overlook small things like this…If you ignore this nuance, then you essentially fail to realize what the prompt or concept being relayed truly is. Don’t overlook the nuances of life. but also make sure you emphasize the importance of nuance. Details matter, which is why people always say to read the fine print.

If you fail to see these nuances, you might miss a huge detail in the fine print, or put the decimal place in the wrong spot and you end up with $100.00 and not $100000, or you might be like me and mistake chair-ish for cherish.

If you can find happiness and appreciate the small things in life, then I think you have delved into a whole other universe of looking at life…A simple smile and genuine compliment can brighten your day. A family dinner where everyone has their phone put away is a simple but big difference.

Cherish the nuances of life.

Good Luck.Alera Fraze High-Back Swivel Tilt Chair.jpg





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