And so it begins…

So, I challenged myself for the month of February to either:

  1. Jog every day, or
  2. Do magic for a stranger(s) every day

On the Facebook poll, I received 10-10 in votes…

But on Instagram, I received 60% in favor of magic out of about 100+ votes.

And so it begins…

Tomorrow is February, and although I’ve performed magic for strangers before, I will have to face a few different challenges

  1. The fact that I am in a foreign country and the culture is noticeably different. (Approaching strangers is generally more awkward)
  2. I will have to do it EVERY DAY. If you know me, I am a hermit on the weekends. Guess I won’t be able to stay in bed all day on Saturdays
  3. This weekend, I am going to Indonesia. What a way to start the challenge by traveling to another foreign country
  4. Expect MANY rejections. ( what else is new though, right? )

I will document my journey. I expect a lot of rejections and a lot of awkward moments due to language barriers. I also expect a lot of frightened people when they see me randomly approach them (as I mentioned, the culture here is a bit different and it generally seems to be more “keep to yourself”)

But I also expect a lot of lessons to be learned through the rejections, through building more connections, and I will hopefully build more confidence.

Wish me luck, and thank you to everyone who voted!

Grateful Day 31: I am grateful for everyone who voted, and am grateful for everyone who has followed my journey so far! Wish me luck and I will need all of your guys’ support to complete this challenge.


Let your demons out

stare at a wall in silence


be still

let all your demons come out

let your thoughts escape you and run circles

It’s okay

you may get scared

you may feel taunted and attacked

allow it to happen

allow yourself to freely think about the bad–and the good

let your demons out so they can no longer haunt you from the inside

you deserve better than to carry such toxicity around

and once you find peace in your stillness

Create Angels

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 30: I am grateful for being able to watch some quality Netflix shows with my roommates

(Still voting on what month challenge I should do for February. Click here to vote. 1) do magic every day for strangers or 2) jog every day)


I can see the finish line + NEW LOGO + Vote for a CHALLENGE

I am nearing my 100th blog post

and I can literally see the finish line…it is far far away

my pursuit to write was never meant to be a sprint

and the finish line does not end on the 100th post

the finish line, I can just barely see, is at the 1000th post, and it may actually be much farther

but 100 is still a big achievement

so I think its good to reward yourself and recognize these small achievements

but don’t make your life a sprint

because only doing 10% of everything isn’t good enough and it definitely won’t make you excellent.

Give it 100%. Reach 1000.

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 29: I am grateful for my sister. If you look at my website, you will see a brand new JAW logo, beautifully created by my sister! My sister is currently a sophomore illustration student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Check out some of her work by clicking here.

Also, I need your help. First of all, thank you for reading this far and getting to the end of this post. I always appreciate all my readers (those I know, and those I don’t know). If you have read my blog any time this month, you will know that I did a note of daily gratitude for the full month of January (like I did with this post). I want to do another 1 month challenge for February, where I will also document my progress. My options are 1) perform magic every day to a STRANGER, or 2) jog/exercise every day. Because I also want to have a two-way connection with my readers, I would love for you to help vote on what I should do (and what you would like to see me write about).

If you want to provide any feedback/vote on which challenge you would like me to do and potentially write about every day for my blog, click here to vote on my Facebook poll, or send me a quick email at “”





The Greatest Showman

I’ve been completed infatuated with The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack

After watching the movie, I was reminded of my past acting and musical endeavors throughout 5 years of high school…

I missed singing in musical numbers, and dancing with my best friends on stage, and yelling and crying and messing up lines. Nostalgia at its finest.

Now, a great musical movie doesn’t just have good songs but also has a good storyline with meaningful morals.

The story is based around P.T. Barnum, who pioneered the circus and “show-biz” industry. The Greatest Showman embraces difference and shows the whole world that a circus group, that is, a group of different people with unique personalities, can create magic. And you all know how much I love magic 🙂

If you are a romantic for musicals and somewhat cheesy songs and storylines like me, go watch The Greatest Showman. You will come out smiling and dancing.

Let’s hope the movie receives some more recognition in the upcoming Oscars!

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else” – Hugh Jackman, The Greatest Showman

Grateful Day 28: I am grateful for the simple things in life… like coffee…and cold water after a day of walking in the sun…and being able to wake up every morning knowing that I’ve been granted another day by the universe.


I don’t know

There’s this story about this farmer

one day, 3 extra horses were gifted to him by another farmer

his friend comments: “wow, isn’t that great? You now have 4 horses”

the farmer replies: “I don’t know if it is”

the next day, his son decides to ride one of the new horses and finds that the new horse is a bit aggressive and buckles the son off the saddle, breaking the son’s leg

a friend comments: “wow, isn’t that unlucky? Sorry about your son’s leg.”

the farmer replies: “I don’t know if it is”

a few years later, the country calls for young men, a conscription, for the war.

the farmer’s son, who has a broken leg, can’t enlist because he obviously can’t fight, which essentially saves his life from not having to fight in the war

Isn’t the farmer lucky?

I don’t know…

This story teaches us that failure does not equal an end point of failure, just as success and happiness are not permanent. Truly, you don’t know. The moral is to be humble, be aware, be prepared, and live life expecting both good and bad things to happen.

Grateful Day 27: I am grateful for anyone who reads my writing

The Garden


Preserving beauty is a universal challenge

How do you capture these sights, sounds, and smells?

How do we preserve something that is beautiful, so that other generations can admire them as well?

Or should we even preserve such things?

Sometimes it is best to absorb the moment. Sometimes a photo is not necessary because the beauty is preserved in your memory, which makes it even more ineffable.

The gardens had much to offer. The modernity of Singapore, fused with nature. Simulated rain forests. Tall trees, meticulously crafted statues, vines everywhere, technological nuances mixed in. Design, effort, passion, preservation; you could see it all within the garden. You could see the care put in to make these domes be magnificent.

The least you could do is appreciate the beauty

Grateful Day 26: I am grateful for gardens & museums, places dedicated to presenting and preserving beauty.

*Photos below taken at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Yes, those are LEGO plants*






Different doesn’t mean bad

Different means not the same

Just because you don’t look like other pretty people doesn’t mean you are not beautiful yourself

A rose and sunset have nothing in common

but just because they look different, doesn’t make either one any less magnificent

Embrace what makes you different

Grateful Day 25: I am grateful for my funny and insightful professors.