You don’t fit

They always say

“You don’t fit in this shirt”

instead of

“This shirt doesn’t fit you”

People are expected to be average. Mass production of one size clothing is expected to fit everyone. You are either supposed to be an S, M, L, or maybe XL, but what if you have broader shoulders, but a slim belly? What if your torso is disproportioned? What if your chest is wide?

You are expected to fit in the system, and if you don’t then you are wrong and penalized for it.

If you don’t do well in school… if you can’t just be a memorization machine, who only “learns” to pass tests… if you are not good at taking tests

then you “don’t fit the system”

well, how are you going to expect billions of people to fit into one educational system?

No. The system doesn’t fit you.

And that is okay.

We are NOT all average. We are NOT all supposed to change so we can “fit in the system”

Find a better system. Get a different shirt. Find the school program that is FIT for you.

And if you can’t find one that FITS you, then create one yourself.

You should never have to change who you are, to fit into a system built for “average” people. Average doesn’t exist.

Good Luck.

Inspired by Seth Godin & his NEW INSIGHTFUL podcast. Check out his daily blog as well.

Grateful Day 59: I am grateful that I can write every day. I LOVE WRITING!

Magic Day 28: FINAL DAY!:

I finished today with A LOT OF MAGIC. WOOOOO!

In the morning, I did a quick trick for a mother and her two young boys from NORWAY. We had some good conversation about our home countries. (Scandinavian people are beautiful)

They spoke such good English too. I could barely notice their accent. (I heard them speaking Norwegian earlier so I am assuming English is their second language)

At night, we have a Villanova alumni panel. Crazy to think that there are so many Villanova alumni in Singapore!

There were 5 alumni, and I performed to them in groups of 2 after the panel ended. (the 5th person had to leave)

They all gave great advice and were really nice. One girl works at Apple! That is craaazy. That is the dream…

I am happy I did this challenge. I know I missed a lot of days (maybe 5?)

But I also performed more than once on several days (today 3 times!)

Will write a blog post about what I learned about approaching strangers + magic sometime in March. Stay tuned and thanks for following me on this journey!

March challenge = reconnect with people. I was inspired by connecting with strangers through magic, that I now want to RECONNECT with past friends. The only thing is hoping that they will respond and not think I am weird…


No one sees you

If no one sees you

Then you have the advantage of being overlooked

People who expect less from you

People mistakingly believe you do not have the resources to succeed

People think you are weak

Prove them wrong

Work hard

Work smart

Work with intent

If no one sees you, then give them a reason to

A light is only shown after it is surrounded by darkness. Now is your chance to shine.

Time for you to prove them wrong

Good Luck.

“Sometimes it’s the people who no one imagined anything of who do things that no one could imagine”

Grateful Day 58: I am grateful for “Quora”, a social media platform based on questions and answers. I use it consistently to practice my writing and share my opinions

Magic Day 27: Gaaaah. I missed another day… I know, I know, I suck…

Tomorrow is the last day and I’ll end this month strong!

Burn Bridges

Because that part of your life…you need to walk away from

Because some people are toxic

Because it takes more strength to burn bridges and walk away from something you know is a dead cause

Because maybe the stars just didn’t align with this project

Because sometimes you need to move on

And it’s okay

Just don’t look back, don’t give yourself a chance to miss a time that you should have long escaped from

and make sure you burn the bridge down properly

Time to build new and better bridges

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 57: I am grateful for how much time I have

Magic Day 26: 2 more days!!!

I did magic at the Starbucks across the street today

A group of teenage friends (all in uniform)

They told me their names (in Chinese) and I honestly forget all of them…

I wonder what students feel about their uniforms because I for one would have hated to attend a high school where there was a mandatory dress code…

Then again, I am also dreading the idea of a dress code for my upcoming internship

It is WAY too hot here to wear a dress shirt and dress pants!!!

This is yours

Some experiences are meant to be for you only.

Those moments of deep thought and solitude? A brisk walk around a beautiful country? That beautiful sunrise at the top of the hill you climbed?

Maybe that moment is meant just for you. Maybe the stars aligned perfectly at that moment so only you could experience that beauty and serenity of the sun slowly changing colors across the landscape—so far yet you feel like you can grasp that beauty right in front of you. Maybe it’s best to put your phone away and instead of taking a picture to share with others, that you keep this moment just for yourself, like a beautiful secret.

And maybe you don’t have someone there to confirm this reality with you, but maybe what you experienced was a beauty that is outside of reality in the first place. These moments are the best because they will forever and solely be yours.

This memory… This is yours, yours alone. And it is beautiful.

Rookie Mistake

A rookie mistake to make when you start learning a new skill is setting any sort of expectations for yourself.

It’s called learning, meaning 1) you are not a master…yet

and new, meaning 2) you’ve never done this before!

There is no way you can possibly expect any specific result…because you are trying something new

Any predetermined expectations are just assumptions that may or may not be correct, but you can’t hold yourself to them. So don’t feel sad when you fail to meet your unjustified expectations to be great at something you should be an amateur at–at least in the beginning!

You can only raise the bar higher after you find out where the bar is in the first place

If you tested Albert Einstein on his ability to ski downhill for the first time, you’d most likely not see anything spectacular. Ask him to discuss math, and you’ll find out that is where his genius lies.

We are all rookies in many areas.

But don’t forget: we are also pretty professional at some things too.

Good Luck.

Side note: I’ve done 3 sessions of Muay Thai this past week, and I now have an open wound about the size of my thumbnail on my right foot from all the pad work/kicking. I definitely need to let it heal, because I re-opened it again today, and man was it awkward when the blood started coming out. I am glad though that the Muay Thai sessions aren’t particularly difficult for me in terms of physical stress, it is more so the fact that 1) I don’t know the combos very well yet, and 2) my foot has a cut.

Need to take a break and heal before I go back. Listen to your body first!

Grateful Day 55: I am grateful for alone time. Everyone in my Singapore cohort went to Jakarta this weekend. Lucky for me that my introversion gets some much-needed space.

Magic Day 24: Magic at the MMA gym again today. Little kids are hilarious !!!

They did a session before the adults’ session started, and instead of finishing their class with cardio+core & ab workouts, they finish by playing a game of tag with a soccer ball.



Amateur Writer

Do you ever feel like you know someone, simply by reading their writing? Well, today I met a total stranger who I felt like I knew.

Her name is Dushka Zapata

And she has over 155,000 followers & 100million views on Quora, a social media platform based on questions and answers. She also has 4 published books on Amazon, with a 5th to be released later this year.

She happened to be in Singapore and called for a Quora meetup. I was ecstatic. What a coincidence to be able to meet someone who to me was like a celebrity.

About ~50 of us showed up, some who flew in just to meet her.

To be honest, my initial reaction to meeting her was a bit underwhelming.

I honestly don’t know what I expected.

There is a significant difference between meeting someone you admire for their intellectual stimulation, versus meeting someone who you admire for their physical or active stimulation.

If I met Lebron James, I’d probably shout or scream or jump up and down or something. He would just bring a different aura.

But meeting an introverted, middle-aged, “amateur” writer from the web is a bit…different.

The initial reaction was a bit underwhelming…until Dushka started talking

Until we all gathered around her, in complete silence and awe, as she discussed her life and philosophy and answers to questions such as “what is the meaning of life?” and “how do you learn empathy? what is empathy?” and “what is your writing process?” and “how do you answer questions?”

It didn’t feel like I was meeting her for the sake of seeing her in person; in fact, I had no idea what she looked like before today!

It felt more like meeting her mind and her thoughts and her philosophy and her stories. All the readings and the words, all the stories, they all came together and I could now see it.

There they were. Right in front of me. Materialized into this beautiful woman who had so much insight, that I could sit there and listen to her for hours! (Which we did! For ~3 hours)

I find it amazing that someone can make you feel so much with only words.

At the end of the day, no one will remember what you said, and no one will remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Grateful Day 54: I am grateful for being able to meet people I am inspired by. I am grateful for meeting such amazing new people at the Quora meet up too. A lot of cool people were there!

Magic Day 23: I did magic today! Woot Woot.

I performed for several people at the Quora gathering.

Particularly fun was performing to Dushka’s friends/coworkers, who gave me the more typical Western reaction. They basically screamed.

It was a nice change of pace for my audience interaction because I could relate to them a bit more and talk more about American culture. Immediately after, one of her friends asked me for a business card, and luckily I had one in hand. (Okay, I purposely prepared them. Networking opportunities!). We’ll see if I get booked to perform some magic here in Singapore 🙂

Today was a good–and long–day.

History being made

Watching these amazing Olympians perform is not only fun because we get to watch excellence but also because some of these athletes are creating history

From the first Asian-American ice dancers to medal, to the 17 year old snow boarder who gets gold, to the Canadian figure skaters who are now the most decorated, and to the speed skaters breaking all new Olympic and world records.

It’s amazing that we get to see these athletes accomplish such great feats

Watching it live (or at least in my case, a few hours AFTER) is so much more different than watching it a few years down the road on YouTube

It’s the same reason I always wished I was able to see Michael Jordan play in the NBA

Enjoy and revel in these excellent athletes

Appreciate the history being created in our era

But also be aware that We are also a small part of it

We are all a small part of history

Make sure you are happy with what type of history you create

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 53: I am grateful for instant ramen!!!

Magic Day 22: ugh I feel so bad because I have been slacking recently

This challenge is a lot harder than I thought it would be because 1) I’ve been rejected a couple of times 2) after long days, it is very tiring to do magic and 3) sometimes I go through the whole day without realizing I forgot to do magic!

I promise to finish strong in last few days

And promise to make my March challenge more consistent