goals, and feeling behind

I’ve hit many of my 2019 goals but also have fallen behind on quite a few

I’ve visited Europe and started a podcast

But I’m also 4 books behind schedule for finishing one book a week

Feeling bad about falling behind is pointless, really

If life is a marathon, then the race isn’t over yet

It’s simple but not easy to do

Keep putting one foot in front of the other

you may be slow now, but a marathon comes in phases

you only lose is you stop running




I spent my past weekend in Macau

It’s quite amazing to see how a region is completely run on their core industry of tourism

Every other building was a fancy looking uniquely built hotel resort casino

It’s actually quite surreal how the population so 90% Chinese but the city looks nothing like China

The Portuguese influence is very prominent and gives me another reason to respect the clash of cultures and fusion of humanity

Here are some pictures of Macau:

All my life

I hope all my life I remain self aware

Self awareness is how I get by

Self aware about certain situations and decisions

It’s important to not let yourself be blinded by conformity and society

It’s okay to follow the crowd but you need to be self aware about why

It’s also okay to forge your own path–if that is what you want

Not everyone is fit to be an entrepreneur

Or doctor

Or banker

It’s self awareness about your own life you need to be certain

fighting climate change

Climate change—or let’s be blunt here, global warming—is a difficult topic of discussion not only because no one genuinely understands the ramifications of a warming Earth, but also because there is not one unified blueprint to tackling the problem.

We fight fire with water. We fight obesity with exercising and dieting. We fight lethargy with sleep. We fight boredom with Netflix. But how exactly do we stop global warming?

First off, this is a global issue. When one person is obese, that individual can fight obesity with independent exercising and dieting. But global warming requires the entire world—or at least, a large majority of the population—to come together and tackle the issue. And this is where we have a quagmire because pollution is an externality: 

“For economists, the problem is that polluters are not required to bear the full cost of the pollution they create in terms of the costs to wider society.”

My proposed solution?

Look. I won’t give you one.

Because, let’s be honest, we all know how to reduce our carbon footprint.

And if you legitimately don’t know how to help the environment, then you’re not being creative enough.

Instead, I urge you to think more about what it means to our world if we don’t do anything. And I mean now. And even if it means baby steps towards a better future, at least we are doing something, anything.

Because in a world where everyone wants to take take take, let’s remember that we need to give back to Mother Earth too.

being productive

I’ll be honest: I have not been doing any work at my internship thus far, entirely because 1) my supervisor went to Japan and 2) I don’t have any work

But time is valuable. And so, every day, I’ve been going to the office, sitting in my cubicle, and doing independent research

Today I wrote 5 pages of heavily researched content for my economics paper on China’s Social Credit System. I hope to reach at least 10 pages before I finalize, edit, and publish it.

I also have been making infographics for my Instagram page, @Downtofinance if you wish to see.

I wonder how much more I can get done in my life if I approached every day like this: being fully productive for a solid 6 hours.

It’s important to have side projects because your job should not be your life. That way you won’t be constrained to literal 9-6 work life.

Side projects give me freedom, flexibility, and creativity.

Baby steps

Baby steps

It’s all about baby steps

I still remember these words from

my grade 8-9 basketball coach

1% better every day

Whether that be personal life, academics, career, health, or basketball

1% better every day

Don’t worry about being a millionaire overnight

Celebrities aren’t made by one movie (they usually did several crappy movies before the star in the movie that “makes” their career)

Rome wasn’t built in one day

It’s not a lot, but baby steps eventually turn into strides, and before you even realize it, you will be running fast towards your goals