Lamma Island

Today my friends and I visited a small island off the coast of Hong Kong Island, called Lamma Island.

It was cute and very quaint. Although it did seem like a place more fit for tourists, it still had a very local vibe. The island is primarily a fishing village and has multicultural diverse communities.

We had very fresh seafood (caught that afternoon) and walked along a path through the island through forests.

Visiting Lamma was a nice fresh perspective from the busy buzzing Hong Kong city.

These types of trips are exactly what I get very excited about.

I don’t need big fancy cars, luxury items or shopping, or expensive restaurant meals to have a good time.

Just me and my friends, enjoying the island, enjoying the water, enjoying the food, and talking philosophy too of course.

Great day overall.67718570_652822358554833_5787748712335802368_n.jpg67095738_1907949242639665_7937657844331970560_n.jpg


will robots be better parents?

with the advancement of AI and robotic technology, one fear is the fear that robots will become better parents than humans

though no robot will ever be able to emulate true passionate emotion as humans are able to, the basic necessities of caring for a child can be easily replicated and be enhanced by robotic AI

robots won’t lash out at children

robots will be programmed to carefully care for the child

robots can be perfected to not make mistakes

robots can take the place as parent figure while the parents are working–although working for the child– the child may perceive the robot as a more caring figure due to the absence of the parents

sort of seems like a dystopian-future out of Black Mirror

but it’s a fear that is grounded

and it makes me question the necessary steps we need to take in order to ensure we don’t lose too much to the advancement of technology

even small steps towards habits that don’t completely depend on technology

maybe it’s good to put your phone at home once and a while



writing a book

I’ve decided to write and publish a book

I’ve been in contact with a student book program and it is scheduled: this time next year, I will have written a book, and will be publishing it in July 2020.

I haven’t written it yet.

But I have the grit. I have the will power. I have ideas.

And I hope that you’ll follow me on this journey.

goals, and feeling behind

I’ve hit many of my 2019 goals but also have fallen behind on quite a few

I’ve visited Europe and started a podcast

But I’m also 4 books behind schedule for finishing one book a week

Feeling bad about falling behind is pointless, really

If life is a marathon, then the race isn’t over yet

It’s simple but not easy to do

Keep putting one foot in front of the other

you may be slow now, but a marathon comes in phases

you only lose is you stop running



I spent my past weekend in Macau

It’s quite amazing to see how a region is completely run on their core industry of tourism

Every other building was a fancy looking uniquely built hotel resort casino

It’s actually quite surreal how the population so 90% Chinese but the city looks nothing like China

The Portuguese influence is very prominent and gives me another reason to respect the clash of cultures and fusion of humanity

Here are some pictures of Macau:

All my life

I hope all my life I remain self aware

Self awareness is how I get by

Self aware about certain situations and decisions

It’s important to not let yourself be blinded by conformity and society

It’s okay to follow the crowd but you need to be self aware about why

It’s also okay to forge your own path–if that is what you want

Not everyone is fit to be an entrepreneur

Or doctor

Or banker

It’s self awareness about your own life you need to be certain