Midnight Thoughts: (Vox & Gene Editing)

With every solution arises newfound problems.

Gene editing has the potential to eliminate genetic and hereditary diseases. It has the potential to eradicate chronic illnesses like dwarfism or down syndrome, mutations of the cell that causes cancer, and other disorders, like potentially allergies or eczema (which would be amazing for me).

But then there is the other side: what stops people from abusing this power?

The wealthy and fortunate will have another way of distinguishing themselves, and can “edit” their babies to has preferred qualities.

Is there no place in this world for people with down syndrome, or dwarfism, that gene editing would eliminate babies being born with those traits?

There is already an imbalance of boys born vs. girls, and that imbalance can be even greater if we hand certain populations the ability to tweak a few chromosomes.

Who will draw the line to such a controversial topic?




It’s not that great

Kisha Poppo does not have the best sushi in Richmond

Nor does it have above-average service

The price-value ratio is subpar.

But I’ve gone to Kisha Poppo the most out of any restaurant. Probably more than I’ve gone to ANY Macdonalds chain.

It’s not that great, but I’ve built memories there.

So I continue to go.

And feel the nostalgia, and remember the memories, and feel like I am 14 again going to Kisha Poppo for the first time and laughing with my friends.

It’s not that great, but at least it’s mine.


If for whatever reason, someone you used to have a connection with decides to unfollow you, you need to do your end of the bargain.

You need to unfollow them back.

Just as when a friend asks you “how are you doing?” And you reciprocate that, when someone chooses to cut you out of their circle, you need to do the same.

People who take the effort to stay in your life are there for a reason.

Unfollow everyone else.

10,000 hours

They say 10,000 hours of practice makes you an expert at something.

I believe that statement.

But you also must be very passionate about something to devote 10,000 hours of practice and patience.

Often, what you are an expert at, is also what you are most passionate about.

Passions are life-long. Hobbies are short flings. If you are truly passionate about something, you will eventually reach that 10,000-hour threshold.

So become passionate. Become an expert. Do what you love and be good at what you love.

Create good content

I wish I could turn off all statistics.

Right now, the number of likes, followers, views I get should be irrelevant.

I need to focus on creating good content.

Isn’t it funny how important numbers are to our society?

Our age.

Our test scores.

Our bank account number.

Whatever happened to learning for knowledge, not GPA?

Whatever happened to living life fully, and not worrying about age?

Why does time haunt us?

When you focus on creating good content, the numbers don’t matter.

This is why the best type of learning is outside the classroom, where the stress of numbers and grades are not present.

It’s why the rich don’t chase money but chase purpose and passion and value.

It is only when we are fully immersed in life, fully present in what we are doing, is when time truly escapes us, when the number of the clock hand is no longer relevant.

Make good content. Forget about the numbers, at least for now.