my name jeff


Hi there. My name Jeff.

Oh, so you want to know my personal bio? But why would you want to know that?

Well… Keep reading, I suppose?

I am a magician, investor, student, reader, writer/blogger, introvert, podcaster.

I was born and raised in Richmond BC, Canada, but I currently study abroad in Singapore for Spring 2018 the USA and attend the Villanova School of Business (near Philadelphia). I will graduate in 2021 with dual majors in Economics (Business school) and Philosophy (College of Liberal Arts).

I am interested in diverse topics, such as magic (below is a picture of when I performed for the hosts of The View), psychology, philosophy, personal development, business & finance, stocks and personal finance, economics (behavioral and macro), general life, being a college student, and love curating new ideas and concepts I learn from other mentors.

I also write a finance & economics blog here: Down to Finance

My podcast “Grok This” can be found on Spotify or iTunes or any listening app!

Other Stuff:

  • Book recommendations always welcome. (Any genre)
  • I like to trip on flat ground.
  • Please feel free to message me and tell me how amazing I look. If enough people tell me so, maybe it’ll come true.
  • Yes, that was a 22 Jump Street reference on my opening line.