Regret is the worst feeling


so if you see yourself in a situation that you know you will regret later on

use whatever willpower you have to ensure you don’t walk the path of regret

even if it means embarrassing yourself in the present moment

even if it means making sacrifices

even if it means doing whatever it takes

The feeling of regret is unstoppable

because we can’t go back to the past

but you can create your future


I am torn

I am torn between wanting to live in the present moment and capturing it on my camera to cherish forever

I am torn between taking time to care for my personal and mental health, and trying to build towards my future

I am torn between saving and investing money for my retirement, and the motto of “you only live once”

Self-awareness is key when making difficult decisions

I honestly, genuinely believe, that in regards to the above questions, there is no “right” answer, only right answer for you

If you want to capture the moment, go ahead. But don’t do it because of some stupid excuse like conformity, or to impress your friends on social media.

But don’t refuse to pull out your camera because you think you’re better than everyone else by “enjoying the present moment”

Every decision needs to be predicated on what you want to do, based on your personal morals, values, and life perspectives

Don’t make decisions based off of other people’s opinions

Don’t create a ceiling

When I think about my past I think about how many amazing life moments I’ve had

Performing as Scar in Lion King at my school

Performing on the set of The View

Playing basketball and being in the zone

But when I reminisce I also feel like I’ve created a ceiling for myself

Those awesome moments are history

But that doesn’t mean I can’t recreate them

The future is so full of possibilities

I can’t imagine that I won’t be able to go back to those moments of high

The fear of UBI

With the rise of AI and robotics, there is a lot of fear surrounding the job market and job losses in the developed world.

In Kai-Fu Lee’s book, AI superpowers, he mentions three potential solutions to the rise of AI

  1. Retraining people
  2. Shifting people (maybe 3-4 day work weeks?)
  3. A general minimum income, or universal basic income

He notes that although a UBI may be necessary, the fear is that the winners of the AI revolution will simply use UBI as a sedative for the real problem

The real problem is that with any revolution, particularly with the respects of technology and the digital era, the winners are becoming bigger winners in the economy.

Facebook has low or no marginal cost for pumping out ads

Advanced AI will be able to do more for less

And the rich will get richer, and instead of finding a solution, governments will put a “bandaid” called UBI for those that fall behind in the revolution

Which is why education is important. Which is why action is important.

a Universal basic income, no strings or restrictions attached, may have the issue of making society complacent.

He proposes instead to instead offer a societal standard income with criteria to meet.

For example:

  1. Educators, teachers
  2. Public workers, government workers
  3. Social workers
  4. those who contribute back to society in some way
  5. Meeting criteria of education and retraining programs

We don’t want to live in a world like Wall-E, where AI and robots are so advanced that humanity falls complacent, inactive

AI and robots will increase productivity. But humanity needs to continue running the race as well.


time quote

“Sometime in your life you will have occasion to say ‘What is this thing called time?’ You know, what is that, the clock? You go to work by the clock, you get your martini in the afternoon by the clock, and you have your coffee by the clock, and have to get on a plane at a certain time and arrive. It goes on and on and on, and time is a dictator as we know it.”
—Nina Simone


It’s easy to be a critic

It’s easy to be negative

When society sees someone going the road less traveled, or going a road that’s never been traveled, our instinct is to condemn the individual for being irrational

But realism and optimism are not polar opposites

In fact, a realistic optimist is the best type of person

They see an opportunity, and instead of simply dreaming about the potential, they actively take steps towards realizing that opportunity

But when someone is too optimistic, they are condemned, or criticized, or surrounded by negativity

Extreme optimism is powerful

But extreme optimism alone means you won’t get anything done. It’s okay to dream of being an NBA star one day. But if you aren’t practicing every day, taking care of your diet and health, and training your mindest as hard as you train your body, then it’s just irrational optimism.

Realistic optimism is unstoppable.

You train every day, you actively work towards your goals, and you are full of unbounded optimism and reach for your dreams.

Rational optimism is how you achieve goals.

Reach for the moon. Just be prepared to also build the rocket ship to get there.

Leaving Singapore

Singapore makes the rest of the world look bad

I am constantly amazed at the architecture, creativity, design, and utter efficiency of the country and the people

I believe traveling and understanding global perspectives is how we can better the world

How can I take what I’ve learned from Singapore, China, Europe, New York, and bring it back to Vancouver?

Aside from how fun it is to travel, there is also a lot to learn from visiting culturally diverse places