Ideas for sale! $20 each.

Ever feel like you aren’t creative enough? What if you could purchase ideas? How much would you pay for just ONE new idea?

What if I told you that new ideas only cost $20 each.

They are called books… Revolutionary, right?

If you don’t have creative ideas yourself, there’s no excuse. Buy them for $20 each. And if you are lucky, you might get more than just 1 great idea from every book.

I’ve always stayed away from books until I was forced to read them when I started university and boy, did they inspire me. I’ve been hooked ever since thanks to my intro to business Professor.

My goal is to read 50 books for 2018, a habit that Bill Gates has kept for decades. I can confidently say at the halfway point, I am on track thus far. I just started my 23rd book of the year:  The Go Point: Knowing When it’s Time to Decide.

Even if you just read 10 pages every day, you’d still be reading 15 books a year (average ~250 pages per book). Anyone else on a reading challenge? What is your favorite book(s)? Comment them down below. Let’s exchange book recommendations. Some of my favorite books are The Little Prince & “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Success

Oh yeah, and if you want the ULTIMATE BOOKLIST (mine) feel free to check it out here:


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It’s not perfect!!!!

Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

Paralysis of analysis is a dangerous mindset to be trapped in… Where you end up doing nothing because you think too hard.
It’s okay to have flaws. It’s okay to fail. What is not okay is NOT STARTING.
Start now. Fix and adapt along the way. That’s been my entire mindset since I started both of my blogs.

Good Luck.

Stop explaining yourself

I visited my high school today with some friends

All of my other friends had jobs this summer, and when asked what I was doing, I replied “just relaxing, watching some Netflix”

There was definitely a bit of…let’s say criticism and funny looks I received because apparently, the normal thing is for college students to work during the summer.

But I didn’t feel the need to justify myself, really.

I mean, I explaiend to them why I was choosing not to work: I was only “home” for 40 days, and I was completely exhausted from 2nd-semester university and wanted to relax. After all, I am only home for 2 months every year. Some of my friends are back home for 3 entire months, which gives them the time to actually search for a job.

So, even if people give you funny looks, I am sure you have your own reasons.

Whether it be deciding to study philosophy even when your parents want you to be a doctor, or why you decided to go to university X vs Y, or why you decided to take an entire year to discover your passions after high school, don’t feel the need to justify and explain yourself every time.

Some people just won’t understand, and some people don’t need to. It’s okay.

Grow up

I think the worst thing you can say to a kid is “grow up”

It implies that the creativity they have as a “kid” is not important.

It implies that they need to concern themselves with “matters of consequence” like money, and jobs, and numbers.

When in fact, the most important thing is to see life with your heart and not your eyes.

I spent my whole life being told to “grow up” and think about my future and become “successful,” but I don’t care if you are 5 years old, or 50 years old—no one should ever completely “grow up.”

Now I’ve been spending my days learning how to think more like a child, how to see life through the lenses of creativity and wonder. I think it’s important because a child sees with his heart, not his eyes. It’s quite magical.

If you are wondering why I am ranting, you should read the best book I’ve read this year, “The Little Prince”. It’s 90 pages long. Do yourself the justice of reading this masterpiece of a novel. Be prepared to think like a kid again.

Just a Rose

But some roses are not just roses.

Most roses look alike. Most roses have a twin sibling.

But what makes your rose special?

Because you spent time watering it. You spent days watching it grow from a little seedling, from nothing to something. This rose is special because the day it bloomed was also the day you met your wife.

So sure. Maybe this rose is still just a rose. Really, it looks like just any other rose. But not to you.

Other people see a rose. You see something special.

If you want to know why I am babbling about a rose, you should go read “The Little Prince”

The Little Prince has sold more copies than any individual Harry Potter Book and is the 4th best-selling book with over 140 million copies sold since it was published in 1943.

It is a very short ~90 pages, which I finished reading in 2 sessions, but was still one of the most refreshing books I have ever read.

Be prepared for metaphors.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

—Robert Frost

These ups and downs, never ending cycles of pain and misery, and nostalgia and happiness and memories and laughter, and thoughts.

At any moment, we exist not only in person but in other people’s thoughts. Our own thoughts exist in the future or past, while our physical body only in the present.

How many yous exist at any given moment?