Nothing to say

You don’t always have to have something to say

My acting teacher would always tell me to “speak only to improve on silence, and move only to improve on stillness”

Sometimes the right course of action is to not speak or not to act…

Awkward silences are not always bad

Passive states are sometimes needed

Sometimes it’s okay to not have anything to say

Good Luck.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines to all!!!

Grateful Day 45: I am grateful for my friends (back home and at Nova and at Singapore)

Magic Day 14: Singapore did magic for me today with their Chinese New Year fireworks and fountain lights show


Buy experiences

I like luxury items just as much as the next person

In fact, I just recently invested in a new pair of Air Pods…

Yes, I call it an investment. I need music for working out

But no matter how valuable materialistic items may be to you, they will never trump the invaluableness of quality experiences

Experiences are interminable

The good experiences will stay with you forever to remind you of your happiness

While the bad will be reminders of how much sh*t you’ve gone through…and still surviving

Experiences such as trips


Sky-diving (though I am not sure my mom will let me do this one!)


Going clubbing or to the bar…

Getting lost in the city with no plan

Volunteer Trips

Hiking Trips

Even books

Classes and lectures and education

Learning new skills… (I want to learn boxing !!! )

The list goes on, and there is so much out there to experience

Go out of your comfort zone and experience all these great, and even simple things, that life has to offer. Not every experience has to be grand. You don’t need to travel around the world; even just simply paying for a train ride to nowhere and exploring new places can be fruitful.

Buy experiences.

After all, how else can you evolve? If Pokemon taught me anything, it’s that you need experience to become a better version of yourself.

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 44: I am grateful for laughter

Magic Day 13: Back in stride today from yesterday’s disappointing interaction!

I did magic today for two new security guards

I introduced myself to them. One was a girl named Shanti, and the guy was named Murthy

They told me they have only been in Singapore for 2 years, and recently lived in Malaysia, however, they are ethnically Indian.

I’ve already noticed it too. After all, Singaporeans work really hard to save money and accumulate wealth, which is why their economy is so strong. At the same breath, because of how much stress it places on the citizens to succeed financially, Singapore’s happiness rating does not equal their economic success.

They told me that Malaysia has really good food, and surrounded by a lot of places you can visit.

I asked them what they thought about Singapore in the 2 years and they both agreed that Singapore is money driven.


Two people talking

There are two of you

There is The Logical You that wants to do these great things

This You has the blueprint to success and makes logical decisions and the “right” decisions

The You that knows that You should be disciplined

Wake up early


Eat healthier

Study more…

This is the You that understands the right decisions and ethics and life

Then there is an Emotional You

The Emotional You makes rash decisions

The Emotional You is often afraid

The Emotional You can make excuses about why you aren’t being the best You that You can be

The Emotional You sleeps in, eats unhealthy (but really good tasting food), watches Netflix, and will sometimes make stupid decisions

But you need the Emotional You, because it makes you unique and different and gives You Love

You need The Emotion because it is what makes you human

The only way to make this relationship work is to compromise

There are Two of You, and to keep them both happy, make sure you treat both of them right

Good Luck

Grateful Day 43: Man am I grateful for MUSICCCCC

Magic Day 12: well I got my first rejection today and boy did it feel crappy

I was practicing magic after my meal today in the food court and I saw a little kid just sitting across from me very intrigued

I could see him shout and gasp every time I did something cool. He was telling his mother/grandmother about what he was seeing

So naturally I thought that I should go over and properly show the little kid a trick and maybe share some tricks with him

Unfortunately the mother/grandmother was not having it

She didn’t even look me in the eye when I introduced myself. Was it the fact that I smiled at her? Or did my pink shirt offend her? I hardly doubt it was a language barrier either because I said “Hi” in both English and Mandarin (and I am pretty sure I heard them speak both)

So I sort of just stood there for a few seconds awkwardly as she waved at me to leave her alone; again, she didn’t even turn her head to me

I went back to my seat and the kid was still staring at me. I felt bad about my approach and that I couldn’t share my passion with the kid. So I did some more “cool stuff” and made cards disappear and jump around as he watched from just a few tables over. I was so close we could practically have a conversation I think

When I left, I gave the kid a little smile and acknowledgement. I am pretty sure he smiled back. Sorry, maybe another time I’ll be able to show you something up close, kid.

In reality, I did feel a little upset about the interaction as a whole. First, I was genuinely curious as to why the guardian was so hostile towards me. Maybe I came off as too strong or offensive, and I hope I didn’t. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing that I’ll never truly understand, because I’d have to ask her about it to understand her perspective. and obviously that didn’t work. I am sure she has her own respective reasons for ignoring me–too bad I’ll never find out why. Either way, I need to understand that rejection happens all the time and there may not be a reason for it.

When I got on the train to go home I was a little upset to see that almost everyone was staring at their phones, me partially included.

Humans are meant to be social, right? I wish we carried that maxim a bit more…

Anyways, my boy Din the security guard got my back. I showed him a quick trick today when I got back to the apartment. My man Din coming in clutch to brighten up my day.

How to be a little bit Happier.

  1. create a “Be Happy” playlist. (I will share mine if you want)
  2. Put on earphones/headphones
  3.  Let loose and stop thinking about ANYTHING…just for a while
  4. Dance like no one else is watching and you are in your own world.
  5. Love yourself
  6. Take a deep breath. Realize that you are here right now…breathing…feel your skin, heartbeat. Realize that you yourself are a miracle
  7. Message a friend you don’t see every day. Maybe they are on the other side of the world (basically all my friends!), or maybe you just lost a little bit of connection. Tell them you are thinking of them. Feel free to message me 🙂 I am always available to talk to anyone, even if we don’t know each other.
  8. Love yourself again
  9. Drink some water. Being dehydrated is not fun
  10. Realize that you don’t need 10 steps to “Be Happy”, because even the small and simple things in life can make you happy too. Just look around; there are small infinities everywhere

Bonus step 11: Read my recent poem I posted on my Instagram. It’s about embracing and loving yourself, even in the bad moments. Click HERE to check it out!

Good Luck

*Results may vary and intended results may not be guaranteed

Grateful Day 42: I am grateful for my short time I spent in Bangkok (arrived home today just a few hours ago). The food, people, culture, and experience were all amazing! I met so many cool people; other tourists and Thai people. And boy, did I learn a lot about the culture. Fun fun fun times!!! Where to go next?

Magic Day 11: I’ve always dreamed of one day meeting my soul mate at a coffee shop; our eyes meet, and she is reading my favorite book, and humming the song that’s been stuck in my head all week…

So today, I created a little “fate” at a Starbucks.

Approaching women always feels weird to me. I get this awkward, kind of tingling sensation that I am doing something wrong

Anyways, her name was Kelly. Yes, she was pretty. And no, she did not end up becoming my soul mate.

I’ll take the loss today on this one. I thrive on embarrassing moments.



Put your phone on airplane mode…

Trust me

When you are on the other side of the world

You might never know when you’ll be there again.

Take it all in

Observe your surroundings

Breathe the air in… (even if it may be a little bit polluted!)

Take in all the small infinities of life. They exist everywhere; you just need to observe to see them all.

Make some observations about. Observe yourself. How do you feel in this moment? How do you feel about life?

Enjoy the present moment. Your Snapchat can wait till later. Not everyone needs to know about every single moment of your life. You can double-tap your Instagram feed later.

Some infinities belong to yourself. Some observations are meant to be private.

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 41: I am grateful for how many food vendors there are on the streets! Thirsty? 10 Baht for some cold water. Hungry? Chicken skewers for the same price! Finally, finish off with some sweet watermelon for dessert. Though, there is an ancient Chinese myth that eating while standing/walking is not healthy… Hope it’s not true.

Magic Day 10: I have not performed magic…yet. I was unsure when I’d be able to write my post today, so I decided to do it earlier (compared to yesterday, where I was frantically writing it before midnight)

We are going out again for dinner/some activities for the night. If a chance arises, I’ll try to perform my magic for the day. If I don’t, let’s just say that one of the 3 I did yesterday will make it up? Can, or cannot?

What happens in Bangkok… stays in Bangkok…


A Day in Bangkok

I could immediately see the imbalanced income distribution.

While going down one street, I saw a newly renovated jewelry store, yet a few shops over there were elderly beggars on the street.

There were many blind musicians around the train station near our hotel as well playing for tips.

And looking at the infrastructure, you could see some skyscrapers were brand new and well kept, while some buildings were noticeably wearing apart.

Although I do want more cities to become fully developed and the income distribution gap lessened, I also want countries to keep their culture. Bangkok culture has been great.

Despite the language barrier, I still noticed how kind Thai people were. I suppose you don’t need verbal communication to figure that out. Many people will bow and put their hands together to signal a “Thank you”, and the hospitality that strangers offered our group of confused tourists is barred none. I can really appreciate their culture.

We used TukTuks for transportation, which is essentially a version of the auto rickshaw. The drivers were amazingly kind and would show such gratitude for a 20 Baht tip each of us gave him (~10%), which equates to about 0.80 cents Canadian. Seriously, tonight after we got back to the hotel, our driver couldn’t stop shaking our hands and even gave me a big hug! He then urged me to get on his bike, reasons I am still unsure of. Goes to show you how minimal things can create such joy in others.

Gosh. There is just so much to talk about.

The traffic flow, which although seems hectic at times, is beautiful in its own way on how efficient it is.

Needless to say, the food is also amazing here in Bangkok.

The people and their culture make Bangkok and our short experience here that much better.

Grateful Day 40: I am grateful for the hospitality that Bangkok has offered us.

Magic Day 9: Wow I did a lot of magic today!

First Audience: A store clerk. After I purchased this elephant statue, which is a symbolic animal that is very important to the Thai culture, I offered to perform magic for the store clerk. Although he didn’t shout and scream like the way groups of teenagers generally react, I could tell he appreciated the trick. I shook his hand and he bowed his head to signal a “Thank you”. Did I mention I performed the trick with very little speaking? (Language barriers)

Second Audience: I offered to perform magic to our Food Tour group. Although the magic was fun, the people in our group were even more interesting.

One man was here on a short trip for work with his wife and previously lived in Belgium. He spoke great English, but also knew French and [the third language I forget]. He recently moved to Laos and is living there.

One elderly couple that was part of our group were absolute gems. They were from England but have been all over Europe. But interestingly enough, the husband told me both his father and grandfather were born in China and grew up there, speaking fluent Mandarin, before having to leave during the war, and so he ended up being born in Scotland. In the short conversations I had with the wife, I could tell that not only was she a genuinely good person, but she also had many interesting stories to tell, and I truly wish I could have spent more time learning about their lives.

Then there were two young ladies from Switzerland (either friends or sisters). Unfortunately, I did not have much interaction with them. However, I had no idea that Swiss German sounded so romantic.

Third Audience: Did I mention I love performing magic for kids?

Wow–is probably what he was thinking. All I did was a simple disappearing card trick. He stood there in awe, with his mouth agape. No words exchanged. No verbal communication. One trick, one high five, and on we went with our days.

I love interactions like this. Short–and sweet.

Yesterday I talked about building a community by introducing yourself, and how you can build a community no matter where you are. I built a community here in Bangkok. To the amazingly kind–and sometimes hectic–drivers, to our Food Tour group and our tour guide, and to that one nice Chinese family I had a conversation with on the boat, thank you.



Introduce yourself

There is no correlation between money and happiness

Nor fame and happiness.

There is, however, a strong correlation between good community & relationships and happiness

Introduce yourself to your community.

Your community is not fixed

It is wherever you are

and you can build it anywhere, from scratch.

It’s up to you to decide to do so.

There is a reason I know my complex’s security guard’s name. His name is Din. Last week I introduced myself to him and told him I’d be here for the next 4 months and I wanted to thank him.

We now wave at each other every time I leave for school in the morning. He asked me if I could show him another magic trick soon.

If you want to be happy, make an effort to introduce yourself.

Build a community.

Good Luck.

P.S. Shoutout to one of my old high school friends if you are reading this. We weren’t super close in high school, but I know you’ve read my blog before, and even shared it with other people. I appreciate you and wish you luck. You know who you are.

Grateful Day 39: I am grateful for my classmates and all the memories we’ve created in such a short time. I am happy that we can travel together too! (Going to Bangkok in 2 hours!!!)

Magic Day 8: To be honest, I thought I’d be performing for more people around my age when I first started this, but I’ve had some great encounters recently with older generations.

A happy elderly couple today.

I didn’t have much conversation with them, but I could see their great relationship, and I hope to be able to have one of my own in the future.