on my mind

There’s been a lot on my mind recently

And I feel bad because I’ve not been as consistent with my daily writings as I’d like to be

I’ve realized that this blog is truly an outlet for me to release my thoughts so I don’t have to bear them

So here they are:

  1. Life is unfair
  2. But the unfairness of life is also, in a weird way, essential
  3. In life, we need to make a tradeoff between freedom and equality
  4. I would like to find a happy medium

Baby steps

You can’t start running before you learn how to crawl

You can’t see step 2 from step 0

You can’t jump rungs when climbing a ladder (or you can but you’ll have a higher chance of falling)

Sometimes no matter how excellent you are, things will just take time

Time moves slower

Time moves slower when you are:

1) in pain

2) looking forward to the future

3) looking too much back into the past

We can’t really control when we are in pain. That’s up to the universe

However, we can control our mindset and not dwell too much on the past or seek too much into the future, neither of which we can truly control

Time will always move regardless if you move with it

Best to live in the moment while you still can


We acquire things justly by acquiriing something without infringing on the liberty of others

We trade labor for money

Money for goods

But when humanity realized that labor was part of the production function of goods, those in power abused the labor of others

Infringing on other people’s liberty produces injustice

To create a just economy, we need to acquire things in the fruits of our own labor

results and hard work

I’ve considered myself a hard worker for a while now

I remember getting up at 4:30 AM to practice two hours of basketball before school started because after school I would have 2-hours of rehearsal for musical theatre and I’d be too tired to play basketball then.

I wanted to balance both basketball and theatre as well as maintain top grades.

At Villanova, I’ve constantly taken a full-credit load because I want to learn as much as possible given the fixed costs of my semester tuition.

But I have not necessarily been seeing the results of my ‘hard work’

Which makes me come to two conclusions:

  1. I am either unlucky / the universe is unfair, or:
  2. I need to work harder

Option 1 I can’t control.

Option 2 I can, which means it’s time to amp it up and keep going. I haven’t burned out yet, I’m just getting started.