1000 followers on Quora

Today I checked my Quora account and I now have 1000 follows and over 1.2 million views on my answers

It’s a small achievement compared to where I want to be in terms of my personal brand, but I remember how difficult it was to even reach 100 follows

I’ve been writing on Quora for over 2 years and writing on my daily blog here for over 500+ daily posts.

Slow progress. But progress nonetheless

independent study

I believe that to be a true academic, you have to have some background in “independent study” while pursuing your education.

Independent study on an area that you are passionate about.

I always felt like I was being spoon-fed knowledge while in high school

I was right, because now with the advanced freedom at Villanova, I have the flexibility to study so much more–and a lot of it is independently driven.

I can select interesting classes.

And I even have signed up for an “independent study” where I literally have a self-designed course with a professor on a philosophy topic we both share an interest in.

If anything, I think college is a time to build a strong work ethic. The knowledge that comes with the diploma is nice; but not mandatory for future success. Life is full of learning opportunities. What you need to do is learn how to learn.



Knowledge Gaps

Closing knowledge gaps lead to more insightful discussion

More innovation

Better ideas


and levels the playing field

Education is the cornerstone of today’s society

Information is what we get out of education

But what is truly important is the application of that information

Information is becoming cheaper and cheaper

While excitement for education and ability to connect the dots is becoming more valuable

Knowledge Gaps

What makes a person more qualified or capable of doing something than the next person?

Usually it’s because of a knowledge gap.

The role of a professor is to close that knowledge gap. The role of a student is to apply that knowledge and further their own skill. The role of a university is to connect knowledgeable people with passionate students.

If I told you how simple the method of some of the magic tricks I performed, you’d be much less impressed by the magic.


Because I’ve closed that knowledge gap.

A huge part of why magic seems magical, or impossible, is because us magicians are fully aware of this knowledge gap.

Knowledge is power. 

In academia.

In life.

In magic.

In the spirit of closing knowledge gaps, I sometimes do reveal the simplest tricks to spectators to explain why knowledge is so powerful. How in one instance, a trick seems impossible. And in showing the spectator again and giving them the knowledge of the trick, which I can explain in two sentences, the magic isn’t as magical, but instead, it becomes something both the spectator and I can enjoy. In reality, knowledge IS magic. Knowledge connects us and created a bridge from performer to spectator.

Knowledge and education is one of the most important things in my life right now. How can I close these knowledge gaps I have with the people I admire most? Books. Lectures. Application. 

Let’s close these knowledge gaps and start sharing the magic.