Beware of the convenience trap

Convenience is something that humanity inherently seeks throughout life.

How can I get from point A to point B quicker?

How can I send a message to my friend who lives across the country?

How can I get food without having to cook it myself?

And the answers to these questions resulted in great innovations to combat the question of convenience: UBER as has made transportation so much easier, the internet and social media allows global connection, and fast food restaurants, food delivery apps, drive-thru’s and convenience stores have solved the issue of having to actually cook and make our own food.

Convenience is a simple concept. Essentialized, it makes life easier. Less effort is required when convenience is factored in.

And a lot of the time, convenience is great.  For example, if it’s super convenient to go to the gym, then you’re more likely to actually work out. If it’s convenient for you to attend the local college, (as in it’s close by and cheap), then you’re more likely to get an education. Even job convenience is a big factor in choosing one’s career due to location.

But the convenience trap is something I’ve noticed I’ve fallen into lately, because it makes me complacent, and work less.

It’s “convenient” for me to study in my room, but because it’s also “convenient” for me to take a quick nap, I might succumb to my beautiful bed. Last year, I remember purposely walking over to the library to study. That eliminated the convenience of slacking off.

It’s “convenient” for me to just continue writing my blog posts when I know that I should be creating better content like a podcast or YouTube videos.

It’s “convenient” for me to attend classes; but whatever happened to education outside of the classroom?

An interesting convenience topic I think that everyone should honestly think about is relationships.

Convenience friends or convenient relationships.

In high school, did you ever notice that you might have often hung out with some toxic people?

People you wish you could leave, but it would make the group dynamic “awkward,” and it was just more convenient to remain friends?

At the end of the day, there is no excuse to remain in a toxic relationship. And I mean this seriously across all definitions of relationship: friends, significant others, and even your family.

Convenience traps make us complacent, and we keep telling ourselves that we’ll change, or maybe they will change, or maybe I’ll just suck it up because it’s easy to do that. We don’t like discourse. We don’t like change. Convenience traps make us satisfied with the crap that we’ve put ourselves in.

It’s convenient to remain at a job you hate or continue dating someone you don’t truly love, or attending a university that you know isn’t the right fit for you.

But seriously. Don’t fall into this convenience trap.

I’ve noticed lately that I keep thinking somehow I’ll meet my “soul mate” at Villanova, which is both irrational and wishful thinking.

Because it’d be convenient for me, wouldn’t it? It’d be convenient to date someone who goes to the same school. But I don’t want convenience.

Don’t get me wrong; again, convenience is a great thing to have because it makes life easier. And everyone could use a little bit of a lift in life.

But don’t fall into this convenience trap. Don’t settle. Don’t allow yourself to remain complacent in life.

First full week

This first week back from school I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been while at Villanova.

My classes don’t start until 11:30 and 1:30 PM on the 4 days I have class,

But I got up before 9 AM every day.

I did my morning routine, which consists of making my bed, “washroom essentials,” checking my laptop + email, meditating for 15 minutes, and then writing down my goals for the day. On some of the days, I also wrote my blog post in the morning, which is why you might’ve received emails around 10 AM.

Today I didn’t have class. I have 3 day weekends every week because I made sure I have no classes on Friday.

But I still got up at 9 AM, did my morning routine, and then I worked out for 1-hour. (In honesty, I didn’t know what I was doing at the gym though. I just lifted some weights, looked at myself in the mirror, took a picture, and called it a day).

This first full week has made me feel so good about myself and I really want to continue these habits. Habits I want to keep for my entire life.

It takes 66-days to build a habit.

I guess I’m 61-days out.

Live to trade another day

Often when I’m day trading stocks and I profit for the day, I want to keep going. I want to use the positive momentum. But what I’ve learned is that often in those instances I start trading with emotion and I end up losing partially the gains I made earlier in the day.

Even with day-trading stocks, it’s important to understand that life isn’t a sprint… it’s a marathon. And you want to be consistent and show up every morning. Take it one step at a time; live to trade another day.

Book for 2019: The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

I was inspired by my high school teacher to share the books I’ve been reading and plan to read for 2019 here on my blog. Last year I finished 50 books, and although I did discuss a few of them, I think it would be good for me to reflect on each book I finish.

Meditation is weird because people often think that it is difficult (as I did too), which is a paradox. Meditation is perhaps the only time during the day that I actively try to DO NOTHING and allow my mind to be free.

This book, written by the Founder of Headspace, was a great introduction to the world of meditation and mindfulness and is also one of Bill Gates’ top 5 books of 2018.

As I’ve been using the Headspace app for the past 3 months (almost daily), I did already know many of the teachings that were written in this book. So, for those that don’t currently meditate, and would like to dive into the world of mindfulness and Headspace, I would totally recommend you pick up this book to learn more and hopefully drive you to continue on this path.

I would have to say that meditation and mindfulness practice has been the best habit I’ve picked up recently, and I will no doubt continue to consider this one of the best habits of my lifestyle that I hope may continue for many years. It’s amazing how 10-minutes a day can change your life.

Get it here on Amazon: