This is yours

Some experiences are meant to be for you only.

Those moments of deep thought and solitude? A brisk walk around a beautiful country? That beautiful sunrise at the top of the hill you climbed?

Maybe that moment is meant just for you. Maybe the stars aligned perfectly at that moment so only you could experience that beauty and serenity of the sun slowly changing colors across the landscape—so far yet you feel like you can grasp that beauty right in front of you. Maybe it’s best to put your phone away and instead of taking a picture to share with others, that you keep this moment just for yourself, like a beautiful secret.

And maybe you don’t have someone there to confirm this reality with you, but maybe what you experienced was a beauty that is outside of reality in the first place. These moments are the best because they will forever and solely be yours.

This memory… This is yours, yours alone. And it is beautiful.

Time to Start Talking

Two days ago I wrote a post about knowing when to speak and knowing when to be silent.

Right now is not the time to be silent

Right now is the time to act and start talking

Being 16 hours ahead of America makes receiving news a bit weird…

But I still woke up yesterday to the tragic news about the Florida incident.

17 dead. 20 injured.

17 dead. 20 injured.

17 dead. 20 injured.

17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead. 17 dead.

That’s more than the people in my cohort at Singapore

That’s more people than I can call my true friends

That’s 17 more than how many people should have passed away to the hands of that shooter…

It felt just like yesterday that I heard about the Vegas incident, and I was checking up on a fellow magician who currently lives there.

I still remember Orlando and how hurt and indignant my gay acting teacher felt, and how he asked us to please change the world for the next generations…

I wish I had the power to do something physically, but I don’t know how, and so I choose to write. And maybe that isn’t the most I could do, but it is still something…

Right now is the time to talk about solutions, to act in whatever way you can, to discuss the future and how we can prevent these tragedies.

Right now is the time to speak about what we care about, not ignore this event because it is easier to put it in the background.

Those 17 people die a second time when we fail to talk about their deaths. They die a second time when we fail to change.

Please stay safe out there everyone.

Sending love from Singapore.

Update: I have donated to the GoFundMe Stoneman Douglas Victim’s Fund that supports those affected by the shooting. If you would like to do the same, click here

Update #2: I don’t really like to talk too much politics about America, partly because I am not American, and partly because I don’t want to enforce my opinions. Jimmy Kimmel, one of my favorite TV show hosts, explains it really well in his recent video regarding this topic. Please take a look. I will let Kimmel speak politics for me.

Grateful Day 47: I am grateful for every day that I am able to sit down and write down my thoughts

Magic Day 16: I did magic at a Starbucks today.


Small Infinities

Today our Singapore troupe arrived on Bintan Island Resort, Indonesia

I sat on the beaches doing nothing in the afternoon

Just watching the waves shift

And the clouds drift

Watching these small infinities exist right in front of me

Isn’t it amazing

How we all carry within ourselves these small infinities?

Like our thoughts

And love

And possibilities

Like the way the clouds continually drift

We continually seek things to love

We continually seek possibilities and opportunities

We continually find within ourselves infinite thoughts of weird yet majestic concepts

You are infinite.

Grateful Day 34: I am grateful for a friend who is willing to accompany me on my adventures

Daily Magic Day 3: I performed magic today for a nice lady who worked at one of the recreation counters, named Yeni.

When I initially offered, she genuinely seemed excited and she gestured her other co-worker to come watch. I am always happy to see this type of enthusiasm, and was happy to see she enjoyed the magic.

I asked her what she thought about America and she told me she liked the people, because Americans were good people.

I also asked her about Singapore, and I’ll be honest, I don’t quite remember what she said. I still need to work on my interviewing skills.

She had only been in Indonesia for two years and previously lived in Singapore, and asked me if I was from Singapore

After telling her that I was Canadian, Yeni was not surprised because she noted that our accents were totally different. Isn’t it weird how we only notice other people’s accents, and not our own? Another post for that topic…

Let your demons out

stare at a wall in silence


be still

let all your demons come out

let your thoughts escape you and run circles

It’s okay

you may get scared

you may feel taunted and attacked

allow it to happen

allow yourself to freely think about the bad–and the good

let your demons out so they can no longer haunt you from the inside

you deserve better than to carry such toxicity around

and once you find peace in your stillness

Create Angels

Good Luck.

Grateful Day 30: I am grateful for being able to watch some quality Netflix shows with my roommates

(Still voting on what month challenge I should do for February. Click here to vote. 1) do magic every day for strangers or 2) jog every day)




Different doesn’t mean bad

Different means not the same

Just because you don’t look like other pretty people doesn’t mean you are not beautiful yourself

A rose and sunset have nothing in common

but just because they look different, doesn’t make either one any less magnificent

Embrace what makes you different

Grateful Day 25: I am grateful for my funny and insightful professors.






Chasing the Horizon

I felt like writing a poem today. Now, I am by no means a poet, but I do enjoy reading poetry, watching spoken poetry, and yes, occasionally writing it. This poem is about focusing on the progress and the process (#Trust the Process). Sometimes we dwell too much on a certain goal, that we forget how far we’ve gone. The end goal is not the most important thing; it’s good to reflect on our progress. Enjoy!

Chasing the Horizon

you are a sailor

look across the ocean

what do you see?

a beautiful horizon… the sun is at its apex, the ocean glows from the rays

the horizon’s beauty is unparalleled and so…you decide to chase it

you prepare your things: food, clothes, and a perfect book to kill time

you set sail to chase the horizon


hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, then years have passed

yet you are nowhere near your goal… nowhere near the end…the horizon, still only in the distance, still only a dream

surrounded by nothing but the ocean

now you are stuck, stranded, in no-man’s land, or no-man’s ocean…

distraught and struck with failure that the horizon escapes your grasps.

you wish that someone had told you that no matter how hard you try, you will never reach that goal, that it’s impossible to catch the horizon, and that those sailors who chase it are those who end up alone, distraught like you are right now

the sun sets and you decide to look back to where you started

looked back to where you set off on this journey

finally, you looked back…


they say one person can create a ripple and change the world

but yet you somehow created thousands of ripples and failed to see it

you failed to see the distances traveled, and the memories you fabricated while on this journey

all the progress you’ve made, and all the ripples you created

you failed to see because you only saw the horizon

the horizon may be beautiful….but you can’t chase it

instead, look back and see how far you’ve gone in life

look at the progress

marvel at your discipline

enjoy the sun from a distance; it’s more beautiful that way

admire the horizon…don’t chase it

keep creating those ripples

Good Luck.









Harry Baker: Real Men

Harry Baker is an inspiration to me

He is a young poet, having recently finished his studies in Math and German at the University of Bristol

His love for Math and rapping lead him to write his first slam poem called “59”, a love poem about prime numbers which he still performs to this day as one of his most popular poems.

Today, I was reminded by his genius through his performance of “Real Men”

Here is an excerpt:

I say, if something is real, it’s something you can feel. An
d that can be love, religion, fear or uncertainty.
Cause real men have issues, and real men cry,
That’s why they make man-sized tissues for their man-sized eyes.
And I cry quite a lot.
And in this day and age,
whether a man’s eyes are dry or not determines that he may be gay…
But I am not.
I like a girl, I just cry like a girl at certain things.
And my main form of catharsis is pixar flicks.
The rea
son that I see them in the cinema is
So you cannot see my tears behind these 3D glasses.
Cause I broke down in Up, I wept in Toy Story 3, was on the brink in Monsters Inc and Cars did the same thing to me. When watching Wall-E I wasn’t worried about which of my friends’ willies was bigger
Cause something in the animation pulled an emotional trigger
And yo
u may snigger, if you see these guns are not the manliest
But I figure that ain’t the best way to measure manliness.

I envy his ability to use his passion in a positive way. He writes poems about relatable topics to inspire people like me and equally performs them in an inspirational way. But even more amazing is he found a way to share his passion in a unique way. He likes Math, and he likes rapping, and by sticking those two together he was introduced to poetry and used it as his medium of exchange. He now does poetry for a living.

I can’t help to wonder how we can use our talents and passions to do the same…how we can take our passions or hobbies and turn them into something more. Perhaps some of us just haven’t found a unique way to mash our skills together yet, but I am sure we can all find our own poetry.

Right now, I am trying to mash up my love for magic and business…I am not yet quite sure what the product will be.

If you’d like to read Harry Baker’s amazing poetry book, buy it here: The Sunshine Kid