gratitude days

I’ve started a new rule about my productivity

Or more the lack of productivity during certain days

If by 5 PM, I feel as if I’ve “wasted” the day, then instead if forcing the day to be a productive day, I call it a gratitude day

A day where I reflect on my life

A day where I can relax and just be at-peace with my lack of productivity

A day where I can be grateful for what I have

Today is Sunday and I did quite literally nothing

But I am grateful that I exist and I am grateful that I am still here, able to do nothing

Fog of lethargy

Some days I have this looming fog of lethargy hanging above my head

I don’t know how to get rid of it, and often, this cloudy mess of an ugly concept ruins my entire day.

I end up taking several naps in an attempt to regain energy but I inevitably wake up groggy anyways

I try to relax, but then I spiral down into an unproductive spiral

And if I try to be productive and get sh*t done, it usually ends up not working out and I produce bad content

But I think the issue is that I’ve been trying to fight this cloud physically.

It’s a fight I can never win. This entire concept of lethargy, this fog, I can’t touch it, I can’t see it, and I can’t really understand it. So attempting to fight it won’t work.

Instead, it’s much simpler to allow it to pass on. Don’t resist. Because behind this fog I know is a clear blue sky. And cloudy days never last forever.

Time heals many things.